I have no idea what I am doing here, and I don’t really care!

Well here I find myself on the interwebs. No clue what I am doing, but here I am. If you are reading this welcome! I have been told since high school that I am a decent writer. Am I? Don’t really know, and quite frankly it doesn’t matter. In the age of text talk and autocorrect, being a decent writer is really irrelevant. I do know that I have been encouraged often to write down my thoughts, mostly from the crowded amphitheater of thoughts in my own brain, but we’ll get to them later. Anyway, here I am. I am going to be sharing these “musings” with the world. That really doesn’t mean much in the day of FB share algorithms. However, before we move forward we need to get some things straight. I can put my thoughts down in words, but I need an editor. I don’t speel so good. My mastery of the written worn in grammatical sense is not always in the tope 10 of my stenghts. See what I mean?! Take a Tylenol now, cause were are going on a ride! Next, my thoughts are my own. I think I am pretty funny, I’ve been told otherwise, but that has never stopped me. The only one I need to entertain is myself, and it’s a real barn burner of laughs up in my head and that’s all that matters in the long run. Third, I am a glass half empty kind of guy balanced by a fairly dark sense of humor. Being in my early forties I have come to the conclusion that that can’t be changed. I can go doom and gloom really quick and then laugh at how ridiculous I am. I am an overthinker! I think way too much about what might be instead of what is. This is both a strength and a curse, but I am starting to accept the consequences both positive and negative. Anyway, here I am with a blog (Who the Hell blogs anymore?) You can read it, like it, or hate it. In the end I don’t really care! I don’t know what you as a reader can expect other than I am going to use this as a journal of all that is good, bad and indifferent in my life filtered through the lens of what I think is both serious and humorous. Lets go on an adventure!!

Published by Scrumpy

I'm just a guy trying to navigate life. I've done a lot of things so far on my journey, and I'm constantly trying to figure out where the next path will lead.

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